72 hours of worship, creativity & fun in a barn in the heart of Scotland

We're back in the barn! Join us for 72 hours of extended creative worship in the beautiful setting of Comrie Croft in the Perthshire countryside.

Free-flowing, Spirit-led worship
Living & worshipping in community - all ages
Self-catering & camping on-site
Activities & walks in a lovely rural setting
Freedom to explore the creative arts in worship
Sound bites of inspiring teaching
Opportunity to receive prophetic encouragement
Holy Spirit power encounters
Evening camp fires & fabulous company!

Glory in the Cowshed is a joint venture by Wellsprings Community & Dawnbird. We have been hosting extended worship events together for several years and in 2017 launched Glory in the Cowshed to give passionate, wild worshippers and artists a safe space to play in the glory! Comrie is in a central rural location, a perfect place to gather and offer praise, prayer and prophecy for the nation of Scotland - and a beautiful setting in which to relax for a week with family, make new friendships and strengthen old ones!



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